Tia Nuri Apple Cake

Tia Nuri is my friend’s Aunt Nuri, short for Nuria.  No idea what the English version is.  You look it up and tell me about it.

It’s an easy cake to make and quick to make too, it could be made with only using a fork if you wanted to.

Cover a baking tin with butter and then some flour so that nothing sticks on that.


Bet some butter in a bowl, 115 gr


Soften it


Add some sugar: 100 gr


and mix well


Add a couple of eggs , a pinch of salt and some baking powder, I added a teaspoon.


Mix well and then add some bicarbonate soda, half a teaspoon.


Mix well and then add 150 flour and some cinamon


When it’s mixed, add a couple of spoonfuls of milk to make the dough a bit lighter.


This is what it looked like when it was all mixed.


Get that dough in the baking tin. As it’s a bit thick, you have to even it out with a spoon that you have dipped in water first.


Get some apples, (I took 2 small ones), slice them thinly and spread them all over the dough.


When you’ve covered the dough with the apples, sprinkle some cinamon on top


Place that in the oven


Bake and bake, I think it was 180º, for 20 minutes or so.  Just check with a skewer (I use a knitting needle), and  poke the cake.  If the skewer/needle comes out dry, it’s ready.


Take it out and place on a tray.


This one is going on a picnic.







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