Lambrusco Baked Chicken – Easy

Most of my meals are easy to make, this dish is no exception.  All it took is marinating the chicken thighs a bit; everything else was the oven’s business

I put some salt, white pepper, honey, rosemary (fresh) and some olive oil on the chicken. I rubbed all that onto the chicken.


Then I looked in the fridge and the white wine was gone, so I used Lambrusco.  Lovely pink bubbly drink. I poured some of that on the chicken and left it there while I parboiled some potatoes.


When the potatoes were ready, I put the chicken in the oven and  I cooled the potatoes under the cold tap to get them ready to be roasted.


When the chicken was on its way, almost ready, I placed the potatoes in the oven too.  I sprinkled the potatoes with salt and some olive oil first.


I got some peas from the freezer, put them in a glass and poured hot boiling water from the kettle.


Here is a picture of the food out of the oven. Ready to be served.



I took another picture of my food on a plate but my phone kept displaying some kind of error or other and I just couldn’t save the picture.


The funny thing is that I marinated some piece of god knows what meat in the sauce that was left from cooking these thighs, I just added a bit more honey and oil on the meat; it was delicious, tender and juicy.






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