Fresh Tuna Chunks with Tomato Sauce

I wanted some lovely and delicious home-made tomato sauce to go with my tuna chunks so I made some.

I fried  in Olive Oil some chopped up onion together with 3 cloves of garlic which I had only given a small cut.

When the onion was soft, I added some tomato from a can. and closed the pan.

After what I thought was an appropriate time in my pan, I think it was 4 minutes, I added a couple of table spoons of sugar and 20% of a glass of white wine.  I closed the pan again and left it there for another 4 minutes.

After the tomato sauce, I got going with the tuna chunks.  Again, I lightly fried them  in olive oil on both sides to give them a bit of colour together with a pepper that I had sliced.   I closed the pan, turned the heat off and left all that in the pan for about 4 minutes or so.

These are the chunks ready..

These are the chunks in a plate.

And here are the chunks of fresh tuna on a plate with some pasta, covered in sweet home-made tomato sauce.

I had the tomato just as it was but what I normally do is put that in the blender to get all the bits off.. Easier for kids to eat.

If you have any tomato sauce left over. don’t worry, put it in a tupperware  and cover it with olive oil. That should keep it there safe for a while.


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