A sleek Jaguar with a Missing “R”

Oh…. I was just on my way to my car after taking my girl to an evening party thing where there were many kids running around, mostly teenagers, and I actually passed this little baby without noticing it but I had like a replay image in my head as I got closer to my car and then I saw it!  It was a jag, and XK, not an XKR but an XK nonetheless….

Oh well, better this than nothing, I suppose….

My mobile phone doesn’t have a flash so my pictures are the dark dark dark ones…   My friend’s phone did have a flash but she’s shit at taking pictures, no idea whatsoever about angles,  no emotion in there except worry about being caught taking a picture of a Jag!  Really!

I had to actually force her to get her phone out and take some pictures and to actually press the “capture” button..   Some people, really, have no idea of what they have in front of them….

Perhaps I shouldn’t really say that… she’s actually entitled to her opinion… It’s jut that I can’t understand why would someone prefer a Ferrari, for example, to a Jaguar…  Gosh, the difference in Style is overwhelming!  Ferrari is like for showy, glittery people who want nothing more than other people to look at them and for people who encourage envy just for the money those things cost.  Ferrari People are probably people in need of other people’s approval   Jaguar people, on the other hand, seem to be confident and self assured, people who don’t need the approval of others, people who just know what they have in their hands and know how to handle that.

Ferraris are just showy and too noisy if you ask me; and jaguars… Well, Jaguars are just Jaguars… they  are sleek little creatures that make a lovely purring noises and that people  only see after they’ve heard the engine roaring away in a smooth, soft but powerful explosion of thunder.   Just like an orgasm, really.

















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