The Simpsons Pasta for kiddies

Gosh, I don’t even know how this pasta is allowed to be made and worst of all, sold and even worse than that, given to children…. Maybe it’s because it’s bland and boring… maybe it’s because kids haven’t developed a taste for food, perhaps it’s because kids’  taste buds aren’t completely developed.


Well, I was off to another picnic yesterday and since a friend of mine was going to make a paella and my daughter doesn’t like paella… I made this Simpsons Pasta which she has been asking me to make for her for quite a while.  Yesterday was her lucky day.

I fried  in a little Olive Oil some “longanizas”, that’s sausages for you.  Any sausage will do, really.   I added some cut up basil and some salt to that.



then I added the pasta

I then added some fried tomato (from a jar) and stirred.

then I covered it all with water and closed the pan.  I left it in the pan for about 3 minutes.  I should have added some sugar before closing the pan, it would have made it sweeter but I totally forgot.



When it was ready, I added some lightly beaten egg, I stirred it all and closed the pan for half a minute.  No need to cook as such, the egg gets done with the heat.

This is it:



and this is my friend’s paella:






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