Let’s Plunder the Land of Spain

I’ve just been watching the news.  I was a happy bunny and a bunny living in limbo till I watched them.  One thing is to listen to the news on the radio and another is to actually watch the news and see the faces talking.

Spain is an dire straits indeed…  Spain is in real debt and all because Spanish banks have been stealing and anyone or almost anyone in government  has also been doing the same.  It seems that Spaniards’ only aim is to get rich by stealing and if that’s not possible by begging and asking for money in exchange of doing nothing, just looking like a victim.

What made my ears prickle this evening was another typical sentence… the Minister of Exterior said Spain was going to ask the European Union to give us funds, ( can’t even remember how many millions of euros they mentioned) because of all the fires we’ve had.

Now, I’m just wondering if the arson was paid by someone,  “you get 1000 euros and get scot free if you get caught; we get about 80% of the amount the European Union will eventually send…”

“There is nothing left to steal, so let’s plunder the land!”

What comes after the land?

Spaniards are not very good at playing pirates, we lost “the armada”.

Why did I come back?  Never mind; it must be my karma.


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