Orange Cake with Orange Pulp Icing

I was going to make a biscuit and pumpkin cake for tomorrow’s picnic but I had some oranges left in the fridge.  They were supposed to be a dessert, 3 oranges cut into pieces, the juice squeezed out of cutting and squashing the skin on top of them. I had sprinkled some cinnamon, of course, and some sugar.  It had been in the fridge for 2 days.

I wasn’t going to waste that…  (with the bit of pumpkin I have, I’ll probably make pumpkin soup; it’s delicous.)

Now onto the orange cake.  I looked for a recipe and I found one but as usual, I didn’t actually follow it so let me see… if by the pictures I took and the amendments I wrote down on the bit of paper I had, I can get the whole recipe here.  The cake looks good and I think it will taste very good; my cakes come out lovely 99% of the time, even when I don’t even follow my own recipes… .Gosh! I wonder why I’m writing a Recipes Blog!



Let’s get started.

I didn’t have any icing sugar, so I made some wit the blender. I put  about 350 grams of sugar and turned the blender on.


Then I put 125 of butter in a bowl, put it in the microwave for about 5 seconds to make it softer and I beat it with the electric whisk.


Then I added about 60 ml of milk.


Then I put the organges in the blander. The ones I had cut up for dessert that had been soaking in sugar and cinnamon… Maybe I should have added some vodka to that, after all, my daughter didn’t have any of those orange bits.


I added 60 % of that pulp in the bowl containing the butter and milk.


Then I added 2 eggs.


Then I added 120 gr of the sugar I had ground.


Then the flour.  I didn’t use plain white flour, I used brown flour, well, light brown flour and I sifted it before adding it to the bowl, I added 210 grams aproximately, probably a bit more.


Then I added some more of the orange pulp.


This is the result:


I got a baking mould and coated it with butter and the sprinkled flour on top.

I filled the mould with the dough


and put it in the oven.


I left it in there for about 35 to 40 or 45  minutes, I can’t remember. It had started baking at 180º but then half way through I lowered the temperature to 160º


This is the cake cooling on the rack.


The cake on silver foil. No nice plate for this cake, it’s going to a picnic.


Then I got on with the icing… I put some butter in a bowl, I think it was 100 grams but I’m not sure how much I put because I couldn’t be bothered to get the weighing scales.


I made it soft with the electric whisk.


and I added the remaining sugar I had ground. I added one spoonful at the time.


Whisking away!


This is what was left of the pulp, half a glass, but I only used half of that.


I mixed half of that pulp in the bowl and mixed it with the sugary butter.


Whisking away again.


I covered the cake with that icing… and then I was going to grate some orange skin but I only have a cheese grater so I cut out some of the skin of another orange and cut some very thing slices of that to put that on top of the cake.

Perhaps I should have caramelised the orange skin strips but I couldn’t be bothered, I suppose it will give it a bitter taste.. nice!


A close up.











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