Light Salmon and Giant Squid Tentacle Soup


I had a Salmon Tail and a Spine. I’m not sure if the head belongs to the deceased salmon or to some other fish… It was in the freezer, so I defrosted it and put it in my magic pan.


Then I added some vegetables, let me see… Onion, Tomato, Carrot, some Chinese Cabbage and some fresh basil from my little basil plant in the kitchen.


I covered that with water and closed the pan. I left it there for 8 minutes. If you don’t have a magic pan, it will probably take longer.

As you can see, this has no other spices, not even salt.


When that broth was ready. I poured the contents of the pan into a strainer.


Here is the broth. (When I poured everything in the strainer, I put a metal spoon in the bowl that was to contain the clear broth beforehand just to make sure the glass didn’t crack. )



I took the bits of fish from the strainer and scavenged it.  As you can see, there isn’t much of it.


I put the broth in my magic pan again and then I added the bits of fish.


Then I added some vegetable semola, only one spoonful.


Then I added some stars, if you don’t have stars, use whatever but make sure it’s small.


While that got cooking, (3 minutes in my pan), I put cut up bits of squid tentacles and put them in a plate.  I added some salt, paprika and some olive oil and put it in the microwave for a minute or so…


When the soup was ready, I put some soup in a plate and then added some of the tentacly bits.



None left!









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