What a Beautiful Day

Yes, it is a beautiful day today.  I remember when the sight of clouds or a grey sky would send me wishing I was in the tropics but now that I’m in a tropical sort of place I am a happy bunny when I see clouds or grey misty and wet skies.

I don’t get much rain where I am; in fact, it hasn’t rained in all summer and that is good for the leak in my ceiling which hasn’t been repaired yet but not good at all for the local agriculture.


This is a view of my street at 8am… just about half an hour ago… nice and misty, and rainy and wet, and slippery and just yummmy!  (And that’s not my car there in the picture).

Perfect time for curling up wrapped up in a nice woolly blanket or a furry sheep skin in front of a nice roaring fire to read a good book, except that it’s still nice and warm over here.  Short sleeves and shorts are in order till at least the end of October.




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