Vodka and Ginger Salmon

I’d better book a little space every day for adding recipes in here.. I’ve got about six or seven  folders, well, different recipes with their corresponding pictures and I still haven’t had time to do this simple thing: transfer them to this blog… oh! gosh, as I’m writting this, I’m realising that I’ve already dreamed that I was writting this….

Why can’t I dream of the winning lottery ticket?

Never mind; back on to this weird invention….It turned out to be really nice.  Posh restaurant type of food, you’ll see.  And the funny thing is that it’s really easy to make.  A complete winner of a dish.

Right; I put some Maple syrup, some Soya sauce, some Olive Oil in a bowl and I added some cut up fresh Mint from my garden.  As you can see there isn’t much in there but I was only going to cook three small slices of salmon.

I suppose that if you don’t have any fresh mint, any other type of mint should do… even concentrated mint tea for example… ohhhhh or a couple of After-Eights.. that would be nice! 



I placed the salmon in that mixture and turned it over every time I remembered.  I must say that I did that just before having breakfast so every time I went to the chicken during the day I turned the salmon over.


When it was dinner time, I put some butter in my pan and started to melt it.  The pan was already hot from having made some mash potato. 


Then I crushed a couple of cloves of garlic and grated (with the cheese grater) some fresh ginger.  As you can see, there isn’t much ginger….

Ahhh it would have been nicer with a bit more ginger in it but my daughter is a bit funny with flavours…

You lightly fry that, or sautee it…. anyway, just don’t over cook it.  It’s only cooking for half a minute or so.


Then you add the fresh salmon in the pan and start cooking it a bit just to sear it on both sides.


Do not put the marinade in the pan.  Keep that in the bowl or wherever you had it.  You’ll be using it later. 


Remove the salmon from the pan and add the marinade in the pan.


Then you add these two things, Vodka and Cream.  I think it was half a glass of vodka and a whole carton of cream, 200 ml.


Pour that directly in the pan.


Mix and cook for about one minute approximately.  If you’ve put too much vodka, then let it cook a little longer so that the sauce thickens. 


Then you gently add the salmon to the sauce. I turned my pan off, closed it and left it in there for one minute.  If you have a normal pan, then put a lid on the pan and cook it over a very low fire for about 2 or 3 minutes.


This is the result.


Now, if my house were a posh restaurant, I would serve this with some  steamed green vegetables like long green beans (Bachoqueta in Spanish and Haricot in French) and orange vegetables like carrots or even pumpkin cut in strips, together with some triangle sautee potatoes, or “Patatas Bravas” coated in Butter to make them shine and then charge quite a lot for a this dish.    (I suppose that salt could be a possible addition, but I think that only after it’s served; not whilst cooking).

As my house is not a restaurant, I had this with mash potato.  I could have had some peas with it but I couldn’t be bothered.


Now here comes the problem of this dish…. what do you do with the remaining sauce?


hummmmm   Maybe I’ll fry some prawns or shrimps or canned tuna or something fishy, light fry some rice with it and add this sauce as  broth….  I heard that a risotto is rice and cream so it should be similar.    I’ve never had risotto..



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