It’s been a while

Here am I; six thirty in the morning and sitting on the doorstep of Cheste’s social centre with a cup of homemade coffee that I’ve brought in a thermos.

I have a banana sitting on my knee in case I get hungry. I should have brought biscuits instead now that I think of it, they are more of a comfort food. Never mind now, it’s too late.

Cheste is a small Village not too far from where I live, 33 km away or 25 minutes by car including parking. It used to be a rich and semi invisible agricultural village that could only boast of having a massive educational complex (basically a huge school with cinema and all sorts of other things) where problematic children and teenagers like arsons or violent kids were sent to about 30 years ago. Apparently it has been used for many different things over the years but now it’s used as a professional university; even the police has their academy there.

Cheste was given the opportunity of being worldwide known when in 2000, somebody decided to build Ricardo Tormo Circuit there.

There are bike and car races in Cheste. People not only come from all over Spain but from different parts of the world to either participate or watch. When the races are on, the 8000 inhabitant village gets invaded and the rich people of Cheste get richer when they rent their “other” houses for 500€ for a weekend. According to the guy in the social centre, a know it all gentleman, everybody in Cheste has a minimum of two houses.

I know all this thanks to my ability of looking harmless and of getting people to talk about themselves and their surroundings by asking simple questions.

And now to the point of this entry in this blog: What am I doing here in Cheste?

My intention is to enroll myself in a course to prepare a university entry exam but after talking to the “know it all gentleman” I might be wasting my time as the course I want might be in the evening instead of in the morning as I was originally told. I will only find out in about an hour.

If the course is in the evening I will not be able to come to Cheste and I will have to enroll in a different school which is in Valencia City itself and I really don’t fancy going into Valencia City.

Oh well..

Another cup of coffee


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