Gazpacho Manchego – Shepherd’s Gazpacho

This is a Shepherd’s dish.  You’re supposed to have this in winter or when it’s at least cold but I missed this dish so much I had it a few days ago…

It’s easy to make and very cheap too.

All you need to do is start by boiling a couple of chicken spines and their livers.

While that gets going, you get two or three cloves of garlic and mash them using a mortar and a pestle or whatever you have that can squash that.

Then you get the cooked liver and mash it together.

(As you can see in the picture, I did it the other way round, which was a pain because it’s hard to mash the garlic once the livers are on top)

Then you go on to the chicken spines and take all the bits of meat from them.

You put the broth in a separate bowl.

You take the paste of the liver and garlic and put it in a pan with olive oil and fry that a bit.

then you add it to the broth in your bowl and mix.

Then you get the “Tortas”; that’s like bread made without yeast so if you can’t find a packet, then I suppose you could use anything that resembles it but it’s got to be hard.

This is what the “Tortas” look like.

You get back to your pan and put some bits of chicken in there.

Then you add the “Tortas”

Then you add the broth.

I always make more broth than what I’m going to use, that way, I can add some more broth in the pan or ad some indivicually before I’m serving the dish as some people like it more liquid than others.

This is what the dish looks like:  Absolutely revolting but totally delicious.

This is a very filling dish so it’s not a good idea to have this in the evening for you dinner unless you’d like to gain some weight in the space of an hour.


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