Fairy Croquettes – out of Cocido

I don’t like eating the vegetables in the cocido except the tomatoes and the potatoes, (I love them) so with what’s left I make croquettes, that way my daughter and I eat veggies.

This time, I added ham though.

let’s start.

I took the vegetables that I had left from the cocido.


I put them in the blender together with three triangles of cheese


And blended away


Then I put some butter in my pan


And added some flour


I mixed it all


Then I added some cinnamon, nutmeg, mixed spice for cake making and some salt.


then I added some milk and stirred.


While the bechamel got going I got going with the ham.


I chopped it up


and added it to the simmering bechamel


when I thought the bechamel was on the way, I added the contents of the blender


I mixed and stirred


and stirred till it got really thick.  If you find it’s not thick enough, you can always mix a bit of cornflour with milk and stir that in till it thickens.


I poured the paste in a container to cool down before putting it in the fridge to get really really cold.  Well, I put it in a plastic bag inside a container, just to make it easier.




Later on, when the paste was really cold, I got a tray and filled the bottom with breadcrumbs


Then I put the paste in a pastry bag and started to make long tubes on top of the breadcrumbs


I covered the tubes in more breadcrumbs.


I cut them up and some I fried and some I set aside to freeze.


The result.


Some people add egg to this, but this way they’re really smooth and delicate.


There should be more croquettes on that picture but I ate quite a few before I took the picture.


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