Arroz Al Horno – Baked Rice (after a Cocido)

Well, I made a “Cocido” yesterday, didn’t I?  So today since I was going to the swimming pool with friends I needed some take away food so I made an “Arroz al Horno”, that’s baked rice; that’s traditionally baked in a clay pan, but I made this with my magic pan.  The process is the same, my pan can function as an oven…

If you make this with a clay pan,  after adding the broth, you put it in the oven and keep watching.


Let’s start.

You get a “morcilla” (black saussage) and fry that up with a little olive oil.  I cut it all up because my daughter won’t eat the food if she sees the black saussage, it’s got to be camouflaged.

Then you add 2 or three cloves or garlic and fry that together with the morcilla.

Then you get some meat you have left over from the “cocido” and fry that up a bit.

If you don’t have any leftovers, all you have to do is fry up some pork and some chicken.

Then you add some potatoe.  Just some, not too much; this is not a potato dish.  The potato is mainly for decoration and texture.

Just fry that up a bit.

Then you add the rice, and again, fry a bit and stir.

Then you add saffron or yellow powdered food colourant and salt

Then you add chick peas left over from your cocido or alternatively, a small jar of precooked chick peas.

Stir again

Then you add the broth from your cocido.  If you haven’t got any, then I suggest you mix a chicken and beef stock cube in water.

The proportion is:  1 cup of rice = 1.5 cups of broth.

You stir and add some sliced tomatoes on top.

In my case, I closed my pan and left it there for 8 minutes.  If you make this in the oven, it will be about 20 minutes if the broth is hot when you mix it with the rice.

This is the result.


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