Chicken in Breadcrumbs and Dog’s Tasty Omelette Treat

That’s two dishes, not one with a double name…

The first one, “chicken in breadcrumbs” is, well, was for my daughter and me for lunch and the second one, “Dog’s Tasty Omelette Treat” is for my dog for dinner and the cat can have some too.

The chicken in breadcrumbs is easy:

Get some chicken breasts and slice them, make them thin; that way they’re easier to cook

Get yourself some dry garlic or some fresh chopped garlic, some oregano and some ground ginger or grated fresh giner.

Get yourself a couple of eggs and add some salt to them before beating them.

Get the spices in with the beaten eggs and mix it all together.

Deep the fillets of chicken breasts in the egg mixture

Then transfer that into a dish with breadcrumbs.  I use a long tupper, I don’t put a lot of breadcrumbs in it.  I place the piece of meat in there and shake the tupper till the meat is covered.  No need to waste.

Then you transfer the fillet in a pan with very hot oil.  Just enough oil to cover them, you don’t need to fill a whole pan with oil.

It’s a good idea to place a kitchen towel or a paper napkin to drain the oil off the crusty chicken.

I had that with a fried egg and some sliced tomatoes and olives for lunch.  Nice!


Dog’s Tasty Omelette Treat:

Now, on to the treat for my doggie and my newly found cat…(the new addition to the house).

You’ll probably have some egg mixture left, so to that, add what’s left of the breadcrumbs you used.

Mix well.  If you think it needs more breadcrumbs, just get some more if you have some more; and if by accident you’ve added too much, just add a bit of water.

When you have something that looks gooey put it in the pan with some oil.


Please, please remove 99% of the oil from the pan before frying this up for your pet.   You only need a bit of oil to stop it sticking to the pan…

Oh! And don’t forget to flip it over.

My pets will think it’s Christmas or something!








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