French Chicken in Sauce

My daughter was coming back from a long trip… a whole 10 days and I needed something that would be ready when I picked her up and something that would be kind of neutral and easy to eat, something that we could have either warm or cold as my idea was to take her to a swimming pool for lunch with a friend….

So I got some chicken out…

I sprinkled lots of salt on that (I don’t normally use a lot of salt, but today I went overboard).  Then I put it in the pan with olive oil and lighly fried it till the outside was brown.



Then I added “herbes de province” (that’s why the chicken is called French, some Oregano and some cinnamon…. gosh I love cinnamon!

I actually used lots of the Herbes de Province and Oregano on both sides of the chicken. I only added a bit of cinnamon.


Then I cut up a bit of onion and some green pepper together with half a cube of chicken stock.


I added all that to the chicken and stirred a bit to mix everything together.


Then I added a coffee cup of white wine and another of plain water.


I set my magic pan to function as an oven and I left it in there for 20 minutes.  I guess that if you use a conventional oven, you can do the same…

This is the result.


After that I cooked some white rice…. and that was lunch.



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