Another bad fish!

There’s plenty of fish in the sea, right?  I seem to find all the rotten ones… but there again, if one doesn’t go fishing, one doesn’t even get a chance of finding a decent fish, right?

A casual question:

“Oh, by the way, did I tell you I’m married?”

No! No way I would have carried on seeing the guy if I’d known he was married…

His explanation was not the typical explanation of: “she doesn’t understand me”, “I don’t love her”, “we’ve fallen apart” etc.. etc… his excuse was a good one, of course it was…

The excuse was:

“I’m married so that I can obtain a Spanish Nationality, my wife has fibromyalgia, I’ll divorce her as soon as I get my papers.”

Ahhhh, that makes it Kosher, of course!


Well, it doesn’t

There are more things that make this guy not right for me,

He won’t answer his phone. (not that I call often).  He says he doesn’t like answering phones.  NO GOOD.

He seems a bit of a macho type… On Sunday he went up a mountain wearing flip-flops because he said he was used to it… NO GOOD

He came back with a bad knee.  OF COURSE!

He doesn’t want me to smoke… NO GOOD.  No one tells me what to do

He complains constantly about aches, work, whatever…. I think it’s innate with him. NO GOOD.

He doesn’t drink but offered me a whisky…. when I asked why he didn’t have some with me he took the bootle and guzzled some and then said he “wasn’t afraid” of drinking…. which immediately lit up some alarm lights.  NO GOOD

He seems to be the kind of person who knows everything and is not able to even consider some other opinion.  NO GOOD

His house was messy by my standards….NO GOOD

And another worrying thing…. he seems to collect things he finds….  NO GOOD.  His room was full of stuff….(he shares a house)

Lots of NO GOODs


Maybe I should go fishing for real.. Last time I did that I did catch a real fish; OK, it was only small but it was a real fish and I ate it!






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