Vanilla and Choc Cake (Marmolado)

In spanish, this is called “marmolado” = made of marble… perhaps because it has  funny shaped colours….

Anyway, this is easy…



You’ll need:

  • 3 eggs
  • 1 yoghurt
  • 200 gr sugar
  • 100 cl sunflower oil or any light oil you have
  • 170 gr flour
  • Baking powder, about 15 gr or a teaspoon of it
  • 2 table spoons of cocoa powder (I used Nesquick) or you could melt some chocolate and use that instead but I was a bit lazy.
  • A tablespoon of Vanilla extract


  • Separate the whites and the yolks.
  • Beat the whites till hard


Then Add the sugar and beat


Add the yolks one by one and beat slowly


Add the yoghurt


Add the flour and the baking powder


Add the oil and mix it all


Divide the result in two bowls.

Add the cocoa to one of the bowls and vanilla to the other one.


Line a mould with butter and then flour so that the cake doesn’t stick.


Pour the vanilla part in the mould/pan/whatever you’re going to use for making your cake


Then gently pour the cocoa mixture gently on top


Get a chopstick or something and stir gently making shapes


Bake either in the oven at I suppose 180 for about 50 minutes or bake in a magic pan for 35 minutes.





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