Cheese and Wine Snack

I woke up from my traditional summer nap and I felt peckish so I went to raid the fridge and got myself 2 bounty bars and 2 mars bars….. and after that I was still more than peckish so instead of raiding the fridge I decided to make something quick instead.

I had a baguette, well, half of one, and it was yesterday’s so it wasn’t fresh so I decided to use that as I still had some white wine in the fridge….



This is simple and it can be used as a snack or a starter, I used as an early dinner.

Slice the bread up and soak it in white wine on both sides.


Put the slices on a baking tray and spread some mustard on top.  You can spread tomato ketchup if you don’t like mustard.


Cut up some thin and small bits of cheese and put that on top. I used two kinds of cheese.


Normally I would finish with the cheese but since I had some green peper, I sliced it a bit and added that as an extra topping together with some white pepper.


You pop that in the oven or under the grill and here is the result:


If you’d like this as a main dish. just get bigger slices of bread.

If you’d like to feed this to your kids and have some you too, this is what you have to do:

For the kids:  Soak the bread in milk

For you: Soak the bread in white wine.

Put the kids part on a silver foil on the baking tray and your part in a different silver foil next to the kids part.  That way, you have one baking tray and two different flavours.

When I make big slices of this cheese snack, I add chopped garlic on top of the mustard.  (none for the kids).

Kids are happy with their bland food and I’m happy with my alcoholic snack.




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