A long walk for water

Viva Spain!

Spain; a country of emigrants who forget they had to emmigrate when there was nothing to eat not too long ago, now critizise people who’ve come here in search of a better life only to sadly find that perhaps they might have been better off where they originally were.

Ahhh poor Spain…. such a short memory for some things…. my generation if full of people who have been brought up by either grandparents or aunts and even neighbours of close friends while their parents were earning some money to send back to their kids.  Even my parents emigrated!  – I was born an emigrant.

I’m so tired of people criticising people for trying to get a better life!

I saw some people this evening getting water from a public drinking fountain; they had a few trolleys full of empty garrafes that they filled from the public tap and then pushed the trolley wherever they were going, probably what they call their home which I’m sure is in a similar state than mine.  The difference is that I can still pay for my water and my electricity.

The people I was with thought they were Rumanian Gipsies and immediately went on to say that it wasn’t fair that they were using public water in such quantities. When I told them that they weren’t Rumanian but Spanish they said they were probably Spanish Gypsies.  Well, these people were Native Spaniards with no water supply.

My concession for today is for all the people that have to walk a long way just to get water, not just the people in Africa as we’re shown in all sorts of documentaries, but people who live in our neighbourhoods who don’t have access to such a basic thing as water is whether they’re foreigners or not.  It’s sad either way.


I have no flash on my camera so this is the best thing I could get of the park, the fountain and the people getting water from it.








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