Shrimp & Capers Pasta

I still had some pasta left over and I had shrimps in the freezer, so before I took off this morning I took about 10 of them and left them in the freezer to defrost.

When I came back they were ready so I took the skin off and put that in a dish for later use…. (I’ll show you what to do with that later)

For my pasta dish I went to the garden and took some either peppermint or mint, I don’t know which I have but this is the picture.

And some parsley from the little plant I bought since I couldn’t find a big jar of parsley at the shop.

I cut a bit of onion and lightly fried that up




While the onion got going I sliced up some olives and took some capers out of a jar.

I  added that to the pan

Then I took the Shrimp and put them in there too

I fried them a bit and then threw the herbs (finely chopped) in

Then I added my leftover pasta.  If you don’t have any left over pasta, you’ll have to make some

The dish was ready but I remembered that I still have half a giant courgette in the fridge so I cut a slice of that, chopped it and sprinkled it on top as best as I could.


What to do with the shrimp skin:

Instead of throwing that away straight away, boil them and then you have some very lovely fish stock for your next dish.

You can either sieve it or get it in a blender. Personally, I prefer to sieve it.







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