Quick Grilled Pasta with Ham

Lunch for 1.  Oh!  I don’t think I like this very much… but I had to eat something, didn’t I?  So, I made quick pasta with some left over pasta I had previously made.

You can start by making your own if you haven’t got any leftovers..

I had to heat up mine in the microwave.


While that heated up, I grated some goat cheese


Then I tore slices of ham and put them all over the pasta


Then I cut a slice of my giant courgette, cut it up into small cubes and put it on top.  After that I poured some “Fragrant Olive Oil” on top.

The recipe for Fragrant Olive Oil is in this blog, so look for it if you’d like to make it with that but you’ll have to wait for at least a month before you can use this oil on this dish.  

If you do not have “Fragrant Olive Oil” at hand, I suggest you get a mortar and a pestle, grind a garlic clove, some basil and rosemary and add some Tabasco and olive oil. 



Then I added the cheese on top. and put the dish under the grill.


The result:



I was going to add an egg on top of that but I decided against it since I’d already eaten 2 bananas and half a litre of liquid yoghurt and I didn’t really want to explode, I wanted to have a nap after lunch.


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