Fragrant Olive Oil

This is something I made ages ago, it’s very easy to make and a great present to give to someone if you put it in a nice little bottle and put a ribbon on it or something.


  • Get a little bottle

Fill it with:

  • 2 or 3 garlic cloves
  • A small red hot chilly pepper or a couple of tiny small dried red hot chilly peppers (or more if you like it very hot)
  • Some herbs… I can’t quite remember what’s inside now but knowing me I’m sure it has rosemary (fresh), basil, dill, a couple of bayleaves and parsley.
  • The bottle should be 30% full with those dry ingredients
  • Then fill the remaining space with Spanish Olive Oil “extra virgen” if you can’t get to my aunt’s house to get some of her real olive oil; hers is almost green and it tastes wonderful.

And then…

  • Leave it to macerate at least for a month minimum in the shade and somewhere cool but not cold.


How and where to use it:

On Toast

On Pasta

On Meat

On Fish

To fry up some veggies

Basically anywhere; even your body if your partner likes licking spicy things.  but really, for a nice treat for your body, you could do something else with Olive Oil like:

  • Put some coarse salt in a bowl
  • Add olive oil till it looks gungy and disgusting
  • Apply all over your body and leave it there for at least half an hour.

Where to do this:

  • In a bath (the easiest place)
  • Outdoors, standing on a big plastic rubbish bag and with a hose and soap at hand (you don’t want to go into the house getting it all slippery, do you?)

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