Fast Cooking and Slow Love

I hardly take time to make things to eat… but getting the flow of love, the softening of the heart, the knocking  down of barriers and layers of fears, trepidation and the avoidance of possible and maybe unavoidable hurt takes a lot longer than cooking.

This is a dish that takes me ages to get going but the first step to getting at least going is being able to have a date more than once….

Up to now, I’ve had dates but no chemistry at all, another important thing, of course.  Some other times there was chemistry but somehow it didn’t fit the shoe and in consequence only had one date and that was it.  I didn’t see the point of having any more dates or pretending.  I’m not very good at that.

There’s one guy I’ve had at least five dates with.  Gosh!  I can’t even remember how many dates I’ve had with him so I suppose that’s good, right?

All my dates with him have been with my daughter trailing along, behind us, in front of us, in the middle, on the side, being nice and polite, being a bit rude, a bit demanding of attention and god knows what else but on the whole, very good dates.

Yesterday I had my first date alone with him.  To tell the truth, I was a bit worried I wouldn’t have the distraction of my daughter to help create conversation but no; no problem at all, conversation flew easily and we even kissed….  yummmm!

When our arms got close, not even touching, the hairs of both our arms stood up as if to reach for one another!  Isn’t that weird?

As he had told me had had a muscle contracture, I offered to give him a proper massage back at his house as I had seen a massage stretcher in his room.  I got him on the stretcher wearing only his underpants and gave him a proper massage on his back with baby oil and all.  Then I left.

I did kiss him good bye.

I had a good feel of his body, (only his back, I didn’t do the legs nor the front) and a good look at his equipment and that looked promising.

My friend told me that it was a bit cruel of me leaving him there at home after a proper massage….   but no…. it wasn’t…. I want to make love to him in the sea, early in the morning…. that would be much better than making love on a bed…  Damn!  beds are for sleeping!







and then left him




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