Bloody Midget!

I was kept waiting for fifteen minutes at the blimming German state agent.

The meeting was supposed to be at eight in the morning and the guy didn’t turn up till quarter past eight.

Then he had to switch all the alarms off and then he finally took me to his office to discuss his language needs…

Since it’s a German company, I had expected someone not only professional, business like and specially punctual but also tall and efficient looking and what I got was a midget with airs of importance; a lazy looking guy laying back on his chair and requesting specific language lessons at school children’s rates.

That midget must be Angela Merkel’s cousin or something similar; and Merkel must be related to that little man with a funny moustache, I’m sure, but there is no way of proving that, is there?

Needless to say I closed the meeting early and if he calls me agreeing to the price for lessons, instead of teaching him myself I will send him a teacher who will make him sweat…



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