Cuban Rice – Arroz a la Cubana

I really don’t know why it’s called like that…

This is basically Rice covered in tomato sauce with a fried egg on top with the option of having a fried banana on the side… I love it with the fried banana.

It’s a simple dish that kids just love, maybe it’s because there are no greens anywhere in sight…

to make the rice:

Fry a couple of garlic cloves with a couple of bay leaves (laurel)

then add the rice and fry it up a bit

then add the water

close the pan and leave it there for 4 minutes.

the proportion of rice and water is:

for each cup of rice, one and a half cup of water.


don’t forget the tomato sauce (fried tomato if you like) and the the fried egg on top.

To make the fried tomato sauce, there are two options:

The first option is go and buy a carton of ready made fried tomato sauce

The second option is :

  • Fry some onion with a couple of garlic cloves
  • Add some basil, parsley
  • Add grated tomato and fry that up together with the above
  • let it simmer and reduce
  • Add a bit of salt
  • Add a bit of sugar
  • Get it in a blender and there you have it.

That takes a while, though.


2 responses to “Cuban Rice – Arroz a la Cubana

  1. The fried banana sounds like a nice addition.

  2. ohhhh yes… it’s delicious, specially if the banana is ripe, even with little brown bits and the best bananas, the really best bananas to use is “Canary Island Bananas”, they’re small, motley and they are really sweet! I won’t eat anything else

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