Chick Peas and Chorizo

Yesterday I was told that people who have the kind of magic pan I have don’t like cooking…

Well, I like cooking, I just don’t like spending lots of time doing it, specially when I can do the same thing in less time.

Mind you… there is absolutely nothing like a traditional “cocido”, that starts at 7 in the morning and is ready at 2 in the afternoon. Just in time for lunch, but that will be another day…

Yesterday I made Chick peas and Chorizo….


I started by frying a bit of onion first.


Then I got my Morcilla and my Chorizo ready.


I cut the chorizo in little chunks and the Morcilla, I peeled the skin off and then made it into very small bits.  (my daughter won’t eat it if she finds it in the food)


I added the chunks of chorizo in the pan


While the chorizo started cooking, I peeled a small potato, cut it into small chunks and threw them in the pan.


then I got my jar with the chick peas and spinach ready:


Added the Morcilla to the pan


then I emptied the jar in the pan


aded some water


and let it cook with the lid closed for 4 minutes.








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