Yoghurt with Maple Syrup

It took me a while to get it right.

There a a few important bits that shouldn’t be missed like for example heating up  the milk till you put your finger inside and you feel it’s hot but not to the point of boiling.  I used a litre of whole milk. You could use skimmed milk if you’d like.


You let that cool down and get your next ingredients ready.

  • A whole yoghurt which could be one you’ve bought or one from the previous batch of yoghurts you made (only if that yoghurt has no flavouring or sweetness added).
  • Some Maple Syrup, or if you prefer, some sugar, honey or just no sweetener at all.
  • 3 Spoonfuls of powdered skimmed milk (that thickens it).  I guess you could use powdered whole milk but I couldn’t find any at the supermarket and somehow I don’t think baby’s powdered milk would be ok.


When the milk has cooled down, you add the 3 spoonfuls of powdered milk and mix that well with a whisk or whatever you have at hand.


Then you add the Maple Syrup. I think I added the equivalent of a couple of spoonfuls of that.

You mix that in.


Then you add the yoghurt and mix again.


At this stage, you’ll see froth on top of that.

To avoid having a yoghurt full of froth on top you can pour the milk into the little yoghurt glasses through a sieve.  If you don’t mind the froth, then just go ahead and pour directly into the little glasses.


You screw the lids on, and if you’ve lost your lids, just cover them with cling film or silver foil.

Put them in a yoghurt maker and leave them there between 6 to 8 hours.  Do not disturb them in any way, just leave them there and don’t touch them or move them.


The longer you leave the yoghurt in the yoghurt maker, the thicker it will be but it will also have a twangy taste; edible nonetheless.




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