Courgette & Potato Omelette

This is easy and quite light.. ideal for dinner.

Start by lightly frying a bit of onion


While that gets going, you peel a potato, not too big, cut it in small thin chunks, and add that to the pan.


Add a bit of water to that and close the pan and leave that for 4 minutes.

While the potato gets going, you cut some courgette in thin chunks


and put them in the pan.  Close the pan and leave for 1 minute, just the sufficient time for beating a couple of eggs.


Take the potato, courgette and onion mix out of the pan and put it in the bowl with the beaten egg.


Mix well.


Put a little oil in the pan and put the mixture in that.


The tricky part is to flip it over when it’s ready, not before or it will splatter all over your kitchen.

My omelette was small, so I only left it for 3 minutes on one side and then flipped it over with the help of a couple of dishes.


the end result:





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