Battered Chicken Wings with Courgette

I think I’m getting fed up of courgette… I think I’ll find someone who has a rabbit.  Rabbits like courgettes…

This is what I made today…

I started with the light batter:

I sifted 250gr of flour and added lots of oregano on top. (I’ve run out of parsley)


Then I added 250ml of cold water and mixed that well.


I cut up some courgette in thick triangles


and dipped that in the batter (skin included)


I put it in a pan with very hot oil.


Then I put the chicken wings in the batter


and put them in the pan with oil to deep fry them too.


These are the courgette triangles


These are the battered wings.


The remaining oil should be sieved and put in a clean and dry jar for next use.



I don’t think I’ll be making this again…. I’m not into fry ups and I’m feeling full… maybe I ate too much.




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