Drunken Salmon Taking a Dip

A good idea is to start with the Courgette.

Cut thick slices of that and lightly fry them in olive oil till they’re a bit brown outside.


Then you get on with the salmon.

In the same pan, lightly brown those slices of salmon with a bit of salt on both sides.

Then add a bit of beer. I suggest 75% of a can of beer. To at least, half cover them.

I programmed my pan to work as an oven and I left that in there with the lid on top for 4 minutes.

While The salmon gets going, you get on with the dip.

Chop a bit of onion.  Just a bit and put that in a bowl.

Then you add some natural yoghurt

and on top of that you add: Nutmeg, Cumin and a bit of salt.

And then you mix it all well.

Your salmon should be ready by then… and your dish should look like this…

Simple dinner, done in 10 minutes, more or less.




























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