Cry your eyes out salad

I love this salad eventhough it means a lot of tears at the very beginning.


You get an onion and cut it in very thin slices, and put that in a bowl.


Fill the bowl with water, let them soak for a bit and then crunch them and rinse them out a few times and keep on crushing them in the water.  The longer you leave them in water, the sweeter the onion becomes.



Put them in a sieve and keep crunching them and then drain.




Cut your tomato in big chunks


Add sunflower seeds, salt, sugar, basil, parsley or whatever you have at hand.



Add the drained onion



then add oil and vinegar and mix.




And… that’s it.

you could add a hard boiled egg to that, a can of tuna fish or even mix that with baked potato…

It’s lovely, the only problem is the crying bit.




2 responses to “Cry your eyes out salad

  1. [Great|Awesome|Good|Fantastic|Excellent] post. Thanks!

  2. Thank you | Gracias | Merci | Spasibo | Grazie | Sayol | Obrigado |

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