Things you can do with a courgette

A student of mine gave me this huge courgette!

Gosh! You can stuff yourself with it and in more than the usual and recommended ways if you happen to be a giant!!!

In my case I’ll just have it the normal and ordinary way, I’ve only got room for that in my fridge.

Let me see…

A mask for your face mixed with yogurt

A mask for your hair mixed with mayonnaise.

Courgette cold soup

Courgette mash

Courgette créme

Courgette pie

Courgette quiche

Courgette omelette

Courgete and potato omelette

Courgette stuffed with courgette

Courgette ice-cream???

Courgette cake; yes, if one can make pumpkin cake, one can make courgette cake too.

Courgette barbecued

Courgette steamed

I can’t think of any more ways of cooking it for now; all I know is that I have one big courgette to eat!

Oh! What about Courgette flavoured waffles??? Maybe I should try o make that and see if that’s edible


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