Tunna and Rice Experiment

Let’s see…..

I’m writing and adding pics to this experiment as I’m cooking it.

I just hope the pictures come up in the right places.

Fry chopped onion in a little olive oil.


Then lightly stir fry broccoli and peas (frozen peas go in first)

Add nutmeg and paprika

Cut up tunna steak


And stir it in

And then add 1 + 1/2 coffee cup of rice

And add it to the pot

Stir and the add either plain water or water mixed with a fish stock cube (3 cups of coffee)

Stir again and the cut some tomato slices and put that on top.

And then close pan and leave it cooking for 7 minutes.

You could cook that in the oven, if you do that I’d recommend you do so in a pan made of clay and add hot broth/water, not cold. Then it’s just a matter checking your oven does not destroy your food.

Oops.. I forgot to add a bit of salt!  Never mind!


And…. I’ve had to amend all the pictures from the computer…..




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