This is one of my favourites for summer, I seem to have a lot of favourites now that I think of it..

This is very typical of the south of Spain but everyone has it in summer.  It’s even sold in supermarkets but to tell the truth, I prefer making my own.  It’s very easy to make.

This is some of what you need:

  • Onion x 1 small one (I used half)
  • Garlic Clove x 1
  • Italian Peppers x 2
  • Cucumber x 2 small ones (I used one and a half)
  • Carrots x 2 (Carrots are not included in the typical gazpacho but I like them in there)

You chop it all and put it in the blender with Olive oil, parsley, salt and vinegar. (Don’t over do it with the vinegar even if you like it)

Then you have two options; you can either use real tomatoes, or use a big can of tomatoes.  I use the big can of tomatoes, it’s easier.

If you’d like to use real tomatoes, here is all you have to do first:  

  • Make a few superficial cuts on the skin of the tomatoes
  • Put them in a bowl
  • Pour boiling water over them and leave them there for about 5 minutes
  • Take the tomatoes out and peel them
  • Remove all the seeds from the tomatoes
  • Cut them in chunks and put them in the blender.

If you’re in a hurry and want the same result, just do this:

  • Open a big can of tomatoes
  • Pour the contents in the blender.

Blend away!

And that’s it!


Some people add a couple of slices of dry bread to thicken it up; it’s alright, sometimes, I’ve added bread to gazpacho.

I have it in a glass and drink it up before my lunch or dinner or as a refreshment but if you’d like to have it a starter, then I recommend you add a bit of diced fried bread and some chopped up hard boiled egg or whatever you have at hand that you think might make your dish a bit more interesting to the viewer.




2 responses to “Gazpacho

  1. Yum. I love how easy it is!

  2. There’s no need to complicate one’s life just because one wants to eat something nice!

    Thanks for comment.

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