Swiss Roll with Philadelphia, Ham and Honey

I was wondering where this name came from as in Spanish it’s called  “Brazo de Gitano” (Gipsy’s arm).

Now you tell me what a gipsy’s arm has to do with a Swiss roll.

I’ve looked it up and this type of cake apparently originates in Central Europe and not Swizerland itself.  It’s a tradicional German, Hungarian and probably Austrian type of cake.   Funny enough, the Swiss don’t have this as a popular cake!

As for the term “Brazo de Gitano” maybe it’s because gipsies have darker skin and if you look at my Swiss Roll, you will see that it came out quite dark.  Not that I intended to make it that way, it’s just that the oven is shit!

I usually make this cake for dinner.  It can be accompanied by a lovely salad but I’m not really into rabbit food.

Here are the ingredients:

  • 4 eggs
  • a coffee spoon of baking powder
  • 150 gr of sugar
  • 100 of sieved flour

And here is how you make this.  It takes about 10 minutes.

Pre-heat on high your oven whilst you get going with the recipe.

Separate yolks and whites in different bowls.

Beat whites with a tiny weeny bit of salt till they’re hard.  That’s ready when you can put the pan or wherever you’ve done that in, upside down and nothing falls.

Then, in the yolks bowl, add the sugar and mix throughouly till whitish.

When that’s done, add flour and baking powder very slowly.  No need to rush here!

When that’s done, you get your whites and fold them in the dough.  Please do that gradually, in steps.. don’t pour it all at once and mix well but gently.

Some people grease it first and then add some flour to make sure it doesn’t stick but I use oven paper.  It’s much easier.

Pour the mixture in the baking tray. I tilt the tray every way till the mixture is evenly spread.  We want a flat sheet of cake.

Put that in the oven and please check on it regularly, it takes about 10 minutes or less.  You really don’t want it to burn, do you?

When the sheet of cake is baked you take it out and here comes the trick of this cake:

Get a kitchen cloth, wet it and then wring the water off.

Put the wet cloth on the tray, on top of the cake itself.

Turn the tray upside down on a worksurface.

Take the tray off and then gently pepel the baking paper off the cake.

Then roll the cake with the cloth and let it cool.

When the roll is cold, then it’s ready to be filled with whatever you like.

I usually fill it with a layer of philadelphia cheese or something similar.

Then I cover that layer with a layer of ham and then I add some honey on top and spread it as evenly as I can.

Then I roll the sheet again and I have dinner.

I forgot to take a picture of the cake finished and on a tray, I was hungry.

I cut half of that and put one half in the freezer and the other half we ate for dinner.


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