My musical neighour

My neighbour, what a funny, weird guy he is.

I’ve known him for more than a year, that is every time I passed and we saw each other we greeted each other a polite hello.  Last summer I went as far as to rescuing his mother.  She couldn’t get in her house and was adamant in staying outside till her son (my neigbhour) came home. It was july and one o’clock in the afternoon, the sun was blasting so I went home and took some tools out and some oil and I forced her door.  She thanked me profusely and that got me in her good books.  Aparently she hated everybody.

Last march, he came over to my house out of the blue to tell me his mother had died so lost for words I invited him in for a drink.  Ah! he doesn’t drink so it was coffee for him.

We chatted about his mother, well, he chatted and then he went home.  After this, he came on a regular basis for a chat and I discovered to my pleasure he was actually a pleasant guy and actually interesting.  He’s a music teacher. Not a couch potato.

He’d discovered some of my short stories in Spanish, (I only have a few in that language) and he suggested we do a short film based on one of the stories and I agreed.  He does videos and has done some advertising.

The thing about my neighbour is that although he is interesting, he’s actually quite slow at doing things; it takes him forever to make a decision. Somehow we’ve managed to get this short half on its way.

I had to turn the story into a script, thing I had never done before. I’ve actually had it checked by a known actress in Valencia; I asked her if my script resembled a script and she told me it did so at least that’s covered.  Now we need to get going with the casting.

Oh! back to my neighbour… he takes ages to tell me something and yesterday all he wanted to tell me is that he’s found a woman who could play one of the roles.

I noticed that somehow he got on my nerves and I found out what it was, he reminds me of my ex-husband.  He’s a snake and a cancer, just like my ex.  No wonder there was something there that got on my nerves.

My other neighbours told me they thought he was gay, well, I dismissed that after the first chats.  Not that he tried anything but I could tell.

His house is like a ghost house, all windows are closed, no light emanating from within. No noise, no music or TV on.  He’s scared of insects and I think he’s actually mean as he one afternoon told me he didn’t use the washing machine as he didn’t want to use electricity and only washed whatever he was going to wash by hand.  He’s got a big swimming pool and doesn’t use it, he doesn’t fill it.  He’s scared of going in the little chamber below the pool where the filter is.  He’s got cats but doesn’t actually feed them cat food or take them to the vet.

One day he told me we could share the house… ahahahah what a laugh.  I went to see it and it was a mess.  Not that my house is perfect but at least it’s clean.  I think he wanted me as a replacement for his mother.

There is no way I could share a house with a guy like this.  I like playing music loud. I like watering my plants when I remember and getting in my mini mini mini mini swimming pool. If I had to share a house with a man it would have to be with a man who is not a scardy cat.

One good thing about his house apart from the size of his swimming pool and a tree he has in his garden that has a face.








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