Lemonade without bubbles

This is one of my favourites. What I like about it it’s that it’s cool, refreshing, and it never tastes exactly the same.  This might be due to the fact that I hardly ever mesure things so sometimes it’s sweeter than others but always, always really good.

I usually make about 5 litres and sometimes, I make about 10 litres and when I visit friends I take that with me.

First of all, if you haven’t got any lemons around and you happen to have a neighbour with lovely lemons then I suggest you take a ladder and get yourself some lemons; you only need about 4 or 5 so don’t over indulge in this dark art.

You rinse them just in case, and then cut some of the peel off like this:

Then you cut a couple of them into chunks, place them in a blender, add some water and start blending.  Absolutely everything apart from those bits of peeling you’ve taken off goes into the blender, the skin, the peps, everything!  There is no waste with this drink.

Whilst the blender gets going, you cut the rest of the lemons and add them to the blender and while that gets going you go and look at yourself in the mirror or pick you nose for a bit, (don’t forget to clean your hands afterwards).

When you’ve had enough of hearing the blender going nuts, turn it off and pour the liquid over a sieve.  The sieve should be on top of a big pan or a container.

The pulp that is left in the sieve goes back into the blender and this time you start adding sugar to the pulp and water.

When that’s done, you pour it all again into the sieve and then scup the pulp again and put it back in the blender with sugar and water.  You should do this till you have about one spoonful of pulp left in the sieve.

Altogether, I use about half a kilo of sugar.

Sometimes I just leave it like this and pour the liquid from the pan into bottles and some other times, I add more water to make it thinner.

This is great stuff to drink alone or to mix with vodka or even beer.  Try pouring some of that lemon drink in a can of beer and see what happens!

You can also fill some small plastic cups with the lemon drink and put them in the freezer… It’s lovely! kids and adults have a great time scooping the frozen lemon out of the cup and for grown ups it’s an option to biting nails or smoking.

I’m sure there must be a way of making this drink bubbly but to tell the truth, I don’t really like bubbles so who cares!








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