Chorizo and Chicken Pasta with magic pan

I had some chorizo and some bits of chicken left and a hungry kid…. so this is what I made with my magic pan

Oh! But first, let me explain about my magic pan…

I found it in a market by accident; I had almost no money left.  As the guy at the stall was telling  me how brilliant it was, an elderly lady went past as I was asking things and commented that she had bought three and then carried on with her shopping trolley.

I had to stop her so I did and asked her the questions instead of the stall guy.

I was charmed but I didn’t have 50 euros so the guy told me that he could sell one at a cheaper rate only because it had a little bump….  so I bought it.

Then I went to look it up in the web and found that it was sold for 125 euros upwards so apparently I had struck a good bargain.  All I had to do is see if this magic pan actually did what it was meant to do.

It did!  I found tonnes of recipes and since I’ve had it, I haven’t used anything else to cook food with.  With just one magic pan, I can do just about everything.

Here is the magic pan:

Here is the pan that goes in the magic pan:

Here is the ring that goes in the lid:

Here is the lid and the whole ensemble:

So… now that you’ve met my magic pan, let me tell you what I made for lunch today:

I put some pasta in the pan, then I added a bit of a package of dried vegetable and semola soup,  I added some salt and some olive oil and after that I mixed it all up and covered it all with water.

I closed the pan, programmed it for 4 minutes and then, when I opened it, I added the leftovers of the chorizo and chicken and mixed it all.

Then I decided that a scrambled egg would be ok so I added one egg:

I mixed it all with the plastic spoon,

And then served it.

(I sprinkled some parsley over the top)


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