Please, please, something to eat…

It’s on some news but not for long.
News about people’s stuggle to survive, to feed their kids, pay (yes, pay) for their education or keep a roof over their heads doesn’t sell, and if this kind of news doesn’t sell, there’s no point in wasting that effort.

The editor won’t make a profit and won’t go on holiday or sail the deep blue on his private yatch unless he makes proffit.

Right now I’m badly parked on a street, I’m waiting for my friend.

My friend is selling all the jewellery she has left. With that money she will hopefully be able to pay for the pre inscription for her eldest son’s last year of veterinary, pay for a 4th hand part of an exaust for her car, pay part of her water bill and hopefully still have some money left to buy food with. She doesn’t pay for electricity; she had that cut off months ago but she’s clever, she’s connected herself to the mains.

She has another two children and as an extra, her two step sons have come to stay with her. (Those two are her ex-husband’s children from a previous marriage).

As I was waiting in the car, playing a solitaire game on my phone; a guy came to my window and asked me for something to eat. His pleading eyes scanned my mine. I felt really sad for him and for me too, never mind my friend selling jewellery.

I didn’t have a penny on me, a euro, not even a cent in the car. I didn’t even have my bag with me or my cigarettes for that matter. I had absolutely nothing I could give to him and I told him so.

He left me and I saw him searching for a possible helpful soul. I was left to think about what I was going to do next month. (That, I will probably pour it down in a different section.

This concession is for my friend, for her kids who don’t complain when there’s only bread and paté (again) for tea, for that man and for his kids, (he looked like a father), for all these people I know who pretend to have money when they don’t have enough to eat, for all the people who’ve told me that we (the Spanish) are going to end up with a couple of chickens at home just like in the old days and for me too…

I need a cage….. No, I don’t want my chickens in a cage; I want them uncaged so that I can get true free ranch chicken eggs; I need a Ranch!



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