Fire & water

Ah! No spell check on the phone!

Maybe I should wait till I post this from my laptop but I’m sure I’ll forget what it was I was supposed to post when I get to my laptop.

Oh, well… Never mind.

Ah! Fire and water…

There are some fires near where I live, about 60km away (I think that’s about 40 or 50 miles). It might not appear to be too near but when you consider that there is an amost straight line with woodland of some sort from there to my house then it starts getting scary.

I’m in the middle of that:

What is sadder than scary is that smoke is everywhere, the sea is full of ash, the beach and the sea is covered in thick smoke that if I didn’t know any better, I’d tgink it was London Fog.

Fishermen were complaining that there was no fish! I was surprised not to hear comments like: “I’ve caught a squirel! A dove! A rabbit! A magpIe! A fox!”


I’d be happier if he guy who helped spread the fire was hung upside down and covered in red ants or something like that.

-I should sign these posts, me thinks….


Or perhaps with just an R I’d cover both initials



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