Carrot and Coconut cake

Carrot and Coconut cake


  • 100 gr carrots (thinly sliced)
  • 150 gr or more of sugar
  • 150 gr of ground dry coconut aprox
  • 4 packets of rectangular biscuits
  • 200 gr dark chocolate
  • 2 spoonfuls of water
  • A knob of butter

For how many people is this cake suitable for?

Well, it depends on how hungry they are or how much they like carrots or cake or coconut.. but on the whole this makes for quite a big cake.  With these ingredients, I made two separate cakes;  one for my friend and one for me.  The one in the picture is mine, and my friend’s cake looks just the same.

How to entertain yourself making this delicious cake:

First you start with the chocolate cover for the cake so it cools down while you get down to your masonry work.

  • Break chocolate and put it in a bowl
  • Add that little bit of water to the chocolate and put it in the microwave or wherever you like it to melt.
  • When the chocolate is soft add the knob of butter and stir well to mix and make it all smooth.
  • Put that bowl in the fridge if your kitchen is hot or if you’re making this cake in summer so that it will cool down and thicken.


Whilst the chocolate cools down, you get down to your cake.

  • Boil carrots for one whole hour or until they’re really really soft.
  • When ready, put those carrots in a blender, add the sugar and blend thoroughly (I added more sugar than the amount I’ve suggested).
  • I suggest that you do this the night before or at least quite a few hours before so that when you get down to making your cake, the paste is cold.
  • Put that paste in a pan or in a Tupperware and add at least 80% of the coconut by hand; well, with a spoon.
  • Get those biscuits and put a layer on a tray
  • Spread the coconut and carrots paste on top of the first layer of biscuits
  • Repeat the last two steps (layer of biscuits and paste) till you decide the cake is high enough.
  • The last layer should be of biscuits
  • Pour chocolate cover on top of last layer and then sprinkle what’s left of the coconut.
  • Stick it in the fridge and be ready to enjoy the “ahhhhhhs”, “ohhhhhhs” and “mmmmms”




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